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The New Thinkery

Dec 28, 2022

As The New Thinkery welcomes in the new year, the guys are spending their time chaining David to a wall so he can spend New Year's looking at shadows while an AI script replaces him on the show. In seriousness, the guys take a close look at what is likely the most famous piece of Plato's works, the Allegory of the...

Dec 21, 2022

It's Christmastime once again, and the guys are getting into the spirit with a closer look at the history, lessons, and contextualization of It's a Wonderful Life. They are joined by Greg's colleague Dr. John Moser, Chair of the History and Political Science Department at Ashland University. 

Dec 14, 2022

This week, the guys, though sick, sit down to analyze Locke's views on property. They further discuss the extent to which Locke's principles have gone on to influence the world (Greg even makes a bold claim), and the history of Locke's ideas, including some likely influences on his ideas.

Dec 7, 2022

This week, the guys are joined by Associate Professor of Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy at Michigan State University's James Madison College, Dr. Waseem El-Rayes. The group discuss Ibn Khaldun's sweeping historical work, Muqaddimah. Topics include theocracy, the origins of political power, history, and more!

Nov 30, 2022

David has run away from the crew this week, so Alex and Greg replaced him with Tom Cleveland this time. The group are joined by Dr. Lorraine Pangle, Professor at UT Austin and Co-Director at the Thomas Jefferson Center. Together, they discuss Aristotle's views on natural rights and whether, as the West crumbles under...