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The New Thinkery

Nov 26, 2020

In this short bonus episode of TNT, Alex, David, and Greg go around the digital table discussing what they're thankful for. Alex also poses lightning round questions. Stick around to hear about Greg's literally smoking truck.

Nov 25, 2020

In this edition of The New Thinkery, the guys talk about life in Sparta through the lens of Plutarch's writings on Lycurgus. You might be asking yourself what an ostensible history text is doing on a philosophy podcast. Rest assured, looking at Spartan life raises several philosophical questions. 

Nov 18, 2020

This week, the guys return to Plato and Socrates. In the third installment of this ongoing series analyzing Plato's Symposium, the guys break down Pausanias' speech. This includes a discussion of ancient Greek pederasty. Plus: stick around until the end for a lightning round Q&A.

Nov 11, 2020

In this episode of The New Thinkery, the guys tackle Francis Bacon. Specifically, the guys reveal Bacon's idea of who should rule us. Plus: is Bacon Machiavellian?

Nov 4, 2020

In this edition of The New Thinkery, the guys are joined by James Ceaser, professor of politics at the University of Virginia. Together, the group discuss the nature of foundings. From ancient Greece on up to the founding of America, there are a few common elements that define a founding, and Professor Ceaser reveals...