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The New Thinkery

Apr 14, 2021

Tragedy, or calamity, is inevitable in life. How we deal with those events can be thought of as defining moments in our character.  Many have sought to find the "best" way to endure calamities, and that's where the guys pick up this week, with Epictetus' brief text on stoicism, The Handbook

Apr 12, 2021

In case you ever wanted to see the shiny dome that is Alex's head or the beard of his hair planted on Greg's chin, now you can! This Wednesday, April 14, the guys will be recording an episode of The New Thinkery LIVE at ACTC. They'll discuss Rousseau's First Discourse and conduct a Q&A session. Zoom registration is...

Apr 7, 2021

This week, Professor Michael Davis of Sarah Lawrence College joins us to discuss Sophocles' Electra.  Prof. Davis is the author of numerous books on the history of philosophy; he's currently at work on a book on the Electra plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.  He also discusses his experiences learning from...

Mar 31, 2021

In the sixth installment of an ongoing series breaking down Plato's Symposium, the guys reconvene to analyze Agathon's speech on Eros, emphasizing what Agathon claims Eros is and what it is the cause of.

Mar 24, 2021

Nietzsche is a controversial person to say the least. His works are easily misinterpreted, and with such lines as "God is dead", it's no surprise. Fortunately, the guys are back this week to break down the last work he submitted to a publisher, Twilight of the Idols: or How to Philosophize with a Hammer, with...